Creative Activity

Creative Activity is a scope of occupational therapy that uses arts and crafts as a primary medium in assisting adults and children to lead more fulfilling lives.

Creative activities are designed to address physical and psychological disabilities. Activities such as painting and ceramics are beneficial to adults in improving gross and/or fine motor skills, range of motion and hand or finger disabilities. Children with motor disturbances are encouraged in structured play to improve muscle tone and balance. Creative handwriting can also help with hand and finger disabilities.

Mental health professionals use occupational therapy activities to assist with essential daily living activities, learning to use public transportation, and employment issues. Bathing, grooming, cooking and social interaction are just a few of the topics addressed. Occupational activities are also used to assist with new vocational training in order to reintegrate into the workforce. Success in these tasks is the first step in increased self-esteem and leading a full and productive life.

The elderly are often faced with memory, mobility and vision challenges. Occupational therapy activities play an important role in helping senior patients remain as independent as possible. For example, when driving is no longer an option, an occupational therapist can assist the elderly with the use of public transportation.

For more information on creative activity, contact a qualified occupational therapist or healthcare professional offering this service.

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