Couples Counselling

When trust is betrayed, talking causes unreasonable anger, desire has gone and arguments cannot be resolved it’s time for couples counselling.

Couples counselling provides a safe and confidential environment for couples to explore and resolve difficulties in their marriage and relationship.  Qualified counsellors help couples learn to listen to each other, communicate in a constructive way, resolve conflicts, negotiate difficult issues and recover the love and respect they have lost.

During sessions, couples are encouraged to look at the patterns of behavior they have been using, what has broken down and why.  Counselling will provide the tools to communicate and repair your relationship and understand and relate to each other in a more satisfying way.

Couples counselling covers a wide range of topics including sex therapy, recovering from affairs, the impacts of childhood trauma, and restoring intimacy.

When possible, couples attend counselling sessions together. If there is fear of domestic violence, counselling can be provided individually.  In British Columbia, qualified couples counsellors are available to help you start communicating again and get your relationship back on track.

Specific Techniques


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