Core Strengthening


Core Strengthening has become a major part of rehabilitation. It is most commonly used as a preventive method, a form of rehabilitation, and as a performance enhancing program for lumbar and musculoskeletal injuries.

Core strengthening is commonly seen as the key to spinal health, improved athletic performance and fitness, rehabilitation and sports training areas. Attention has been brought to the core because it serves a foundation that works as a unit to stabilize the body and the spine.  The core is also referred to as the main powerhouse of the body as it is the foundation of all limb movement. 

There are more than 40 core muscles in the body with all with different strengths and sizes. These core muscles influence the control of the shoulder blades, connect the legs to the pelvis and those between the ribs. There are various techniques to achieve strong core strength. Many exercises are available through weight training, pilates, and many other exercise classes.

Specific Techniques


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