Connective Tissue Massage

Connective tissue massage (CTM) is an intense technique for releasing myofascial restrictions.  All structures in the body are surrounded and supported by outer and middle layers of connective tissue, or fascia.  Fascia is the elastic sheath that provides support for the skeleton and soft tissues.  Connective tissue massage manipulates the fascia, promoting relaxation, and increased energy. 

Injury, trauma, gravity and other stressors can affect the fascia, causing imbalance in the connective tissues.  Fascia imbalance often results in shortening of the connective tissue and makes the muscles feel very tight, stiff, and inflexible.

CTM restores length and flexibility throughout the muscular system, normalizes the tissue and increases the health of the fascia.   The massage is adjusted to the individual’s needs and comfort.   It relieves chronic tension, painful symptoms of diseases such as tendonitis, TMJ, arthritis and sciatica. 

Connective tissue massage is suitable for all ages.  Feedback is encouraged during the session to minimize discomfort.  Treatments take place on a massage table and the client is appropriately unclothed. 

Registered massage therapists, as well as Hellerwork and Rolfing practitioners are available to provide more information about connective tissue massage and its many benefits.

Specific Techniques


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