Co-Active Life Coaching

Co-Active Coaching or work-life coaching is used to focus on achieving goals in health, family, business, friends, career, finances and much more.  A Co-Active Coach does not solve your challenges, but empowers you to take steps towards realizing your goals in a proactive and balanced mindset. Together you set goals, discover things about yourself, become accountable to your goals and move towards achieving them.

The Co-Active Coaching model is comprised of four cornerstones:

    • You are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole – you do not need fixing, you have all the resources within you to and it is the coach’s job to assist you in finding the answers
    • Focus is on Your Whole Person – every area of your life is connected, how you perform in one area, effects how you perform in all areas. Focus is on making shifts in one area to make it easier to make shifts in other areas as required
    • Evoke Transformation – the Co-Active Coach’s role is to evoke transformation in the client helping you to realize a balanced and fulfilled life.
    • Dance in This Moment – together the coach and client embrace where the client is now and how to proceed to move towards their desired life vision

    Three Principles of Co-Active Coaching:

      • Fulfillment – Living a life of one’s choosing in harmony with one’s values. The coach helps the client recognize negative emotions and understand everyday life in context of their own values. The client learns to use energy formerly wasted in denial or anger to make changes and improve life.
      • Balance – Keeping perspective, you have choices. If the coach finds the client is unclear in the distinction between fact and perspectives, Balance coaching helps return perspective.
      • Process – Live fully in the moment. Experiencing life in real time is critical for growing and learning. The coach slows the client down, shows what they are avoiding and helps them to really feel emotions they may have been avoiding. Working through this process allows the client to once again access these emotions and learn from internal information and experiences.

      For more information on Co-Active Coaching and realizing a balanced and fulfilled life, contact a qualified Co-Active Coach in your area.

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