Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a gentle abdominal massage that releases blocked energy (chi) and detoxifies internal organs.   This ancient massage technique was developed by Chinese Taoist monks to detoxify and strengthen their bodies.   Today it is used by people of all walks of life looking for improved health and well-being. 

We’ve all experienced a “gut feeling,” an example of how we store tension and emotion in our abdomen. The CNT practitioner helps bring awareness to our emotions and tensions and supports in the release of this physical and emotional congestion.

The Chi Nei Tsang practitioner works primarily on the belly, between the ribs and pubic bone.  The gradually deepening massage combined with relaxation breathing help stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Chi Nei Tsang offers healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  People who are ill or in pain, those needing healing from stress and trauma, and others seeking spiritual insight benefit from CNT.

Certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioners are available to demonstrate the benefits of CNT.

Specific Techniques


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