Chair Massage

Chair massage is a relaxation massage performed on an ergonomically designed massage chair.  Lightweight and portable, chair massage can be offered in a variety of settings. The short massage time allows the flexibility to schedule an appointment during a lunch or coffee break.  It is less costly than a regular massage and does not require the client to undress. The massage chairs are comfortable and suitable for all ages.  

First introduced in the early 1980’s, David Palmer of San Francisco’s TouchPro Institute, was commissioned to provide onsite massage services at Apple Computers. This employee wellness program reduced stress and tension and increased employee productivity and wellness without interrupting the workday.

Today chair massage services are offered in airports, festivals, seniors’ communities, on the beach, and in the workplace. Certified practitioners use a combination of Swedish massage, and deep tissue techniques on the back, neck, shoulders and arms.

Massage therapists are available to provide this therapeutic technique to your workplace or event. 

Specific Techniques


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