Breema® is a type of bodywork that uses gentle movement and stretches designed to relieve tension and promote physical, mental and emotional balance.

Breema is comprised of two parts: bodywork – the practitioner works with the client; self-breema – exercises the client does on his/her own. The goal of both is to release tension, increase relaxation and promote body/mind harmony. Other benefits include increased flexibility and a sense of well-being.

    Breema exercises are based on nine principles:

    • Body Comfortable – exercises should never cause discomfort
    • No Extra – client should be in the present moment and expressing his/her true self
    • Full Participation – the client is active and engaged
    • Firmness and Gentleness – the nature of the exercises when the mind and body are in harmony
    • Mutual Support – giving and receiving simultaneously
    • No Judgment – non-judgmental atmosphere to foster comfort and acceptance
    • Single Moment/Single Activity – each movement is a complete expression of who we are
    • No Hurry/No Pause – movements are never rushed but follow a smooth transition from exercises and emotions
    • No Force – exercises and movements are never forced

    A typical Breema session is 30 minutes to 1 hour. The client is fully clothed and lies face up on a padded rug. The practitioner uses his/her body weight to push and press on the client in different directions. The client may also be moved into several positions. During a session, the practitioner is always in contact with the client. The session is finished when contact is broken.

    For more on Breema bodywork, contact a certified Breema practitioner in your area.

Specific Techniques


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