Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a series of movements, exercise, and activities designed to improve and develop cognitive abilities. Brain Gym’s® premise is “learning through movement” in which there are 26 key movements. These 26 movements help improve:

    • Concentration and Focus
    • Memory
    • Academics
    • Physical Coordination
    • Relationships
    • Self-Responsibility
    • Organization skills
    • Attitude

    Brain Gym® was developed by Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., a professional educator and kinesiologist. Dennison began his research in the 1960s and discovered the power of movement-based learning and its impact on learning challenges. Dennison then developed Educational Kinesiology (Edu-k) which in Latin means “to draw out movement.” In the 1980s, Paul collaborated with Gail, an artist and educator, to help develop Brain Gym® activities and co-create manuals and books such as, Vision Gym®: Playful Activities for Natural Seeing.

    The Brain Gym® philosophy is based on each individual’s unique movements to discover their own learning processes. This philosophy identifies the impact that stress has on an individual’s ability to comprehend, organize, and communicate. By using Edu-K, the movements are observed and movement patterns are discovered with the intent of reconditioning these movements for successful results.

    Brain Gym® uses a 5 step process called a balance and the 26 Brain Gym® movements divided into 4 categories: Midline Movements, Energy Exercises, Deepening Attitudes, and Lengthening Activities. These movements are done to help individuals notice their feelings and to discover thoughts at a particular moment.

    Brain Gym® offers positive results for children and adults wanting to improve on subjects such as communication, handwriting, reading, spelling, math, comprehension, self-confidence, memory, concentration, stress reduction, and much more.

    Children with special needs and severe learning disabilities benefit positively from this therapy.  The program can be modified to adjust to the needs of the individual by certified instructors.

    The Brain Gym® private session can usually last between 1-2 hours and includes the most advanced Brain Gym® activities. This allows the individual to concentrate on one goal.

Specific Techniques


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