Body Wrap

Body wrap is a treatment whereby the body is wrapped for therapeutic purposes.   The types of products spread over the body can include mud, essential oils, herbal combinations and treated cloths with such products.  The process usually begins with an exfoliation process.  The body is dry brushed or a salt scrub is applied and then washed off.  This essentially cleans and prepares the skin before the wrap.   There are different types of wraps each one used for a different purpose.  Some involve seaweed, deep sea mud or shea butter and are designed to tone or moisturize the skin.   Some use marine based creams and are used to stimulate fat metabolism by causing the body to sweat.  Other wraps may utilize essential oils and are meant to relieve muscle aches or pains.

The interest in health and wellness over past years has led to the popularity of spa treatments.   There are independent spa businesses, spa resorts and spas set up as one of many amenities within a hotel.   Body wraps are offered in all types of spas.  Day spa facilities offer various wraps for skin improvement, detoxification, and fatty tissue breakdown. Other related treatments include, body scrub, firming gel treatment, and body polish.

There are also several prominent hotel facilities which offer wrap treatments for general relaxation and for specific skin benefits.

A typical session might last about 1 hour including prep, wrap treatment and post cleansing.  It is important to mention that persons who have the following conditions may want to avoid a body wrap:  claustrophobia, high blood pressure, heart condition, hypertension, eczema, dermatitis.  Pregnant women, or women who believe they may be pregnant should avoid Body Wrap.

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