Bioenergetics is a combination of body/mind work designed to help people work through emotional issues and live a full and happy life.

This form of psychotherapy focuses on the psychological problems that create chronic tension in our bodies. These tensions can be expressed in our physical health and create problems such as decreased energy, spontaneity, self-expression, and mobility.

A certified bioenergetics therapist uses bodywork (somatic) and analytic (psychotherapy) to help the individual understand the emotions and attitudes that over time have influenced the musculature of his/her body. Tension in the shoulders and breathing patterns are examples of chronic tension relating to emotional stress.

Specific exercises are used to release chronic tension.  Controlled pressure is used to gently release contracted muscles. Simultaneously, analytic work helps the individual to understand how feelings and attitudes have formed from past experiences and expressed themselves in patterns of muscle tension.

For more information on this branch of psychotherapy, contact a certified bioenergetics therapist in your area.

Specific Techniques


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