Audiology refers to the health field related to assessment of the ear, ear disorders and treatment, maintenance and rehabilitation of hearing. Audiology is based on the Latin ‘audire’ meaning to hear.

An audiologist holds a Masters degree and is trained to test a client’s hearing and based on results treat auditory and balance problems as well as fitting various types of hearing devices. They can address various hearing issues:

  • inability to hear certain tones
  • inability to hear (deaf)
  • dizziness; vertigo
  • auditory processing difficulties
  • tinnitus, overproduction of wax, wax removal
  • assisted hearing, captive devices

If there are medical reasons for hearing loss, an audiologist will refer a client to an ear, throat and nose specialist. Audiologists often specialize in particular areas such as: pediatric audiology, cochlear implants, public education, balance issues or hearing maintenance as it relates to the industrial workplace.

Specific Techniques


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