Art Therapy

Art therapy is used in counseling, healing, rehabilitation and psychotherapy. This therapy allows the individual to express his or her feelings through any form of art.  Expressive art therapy typically uses painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.  Anyone can use art therapy. You do not need to be a talented artist to participate in this therapy.  For those with difficulty communicating their feelings through language, this medium is an effective communication tool.

The creative process involved in art media assists people in resolving issues, managing behaviors, reducing stress and improving self- awareness and self-esteem.  Art therapy helps the individual develop a deeper understanding of him or herself.

Art therapy is used to assist in treating a variety of conditions including autism, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder and grief and bereavement.

For those interested in exploring art therapy , contact a registered professional art therapist.

Specific Techniques


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