Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Allergic responses occur when the body’s immune system incorrectly identifies an everyday substance as an attacker.  The immune system begins to produce antibodies specific to that allergen whenever it comes into contact with it.  Over time the body produces histamine and other chemicals which in turn manifest as allergic symptoms.  Common allergens include various foods, dogs, cats and environmental allergens like dust, trees, pollen and grass.

Allergy and sensitivity testing is performed by a naturopathic physician to identify and treat allergic responses to food and airborne particles.

Food allergies and sensitivities occur when our bodies react to certain foods.  Once eaten, the food stimulates a response that increases levels of inflammation and production of harmful free-radicals in the gut.  When a food allergy goes unidentified, it can lead to chronic illness such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, dementia and cardiovascular disease.  Food allergies produce symptoms on the skin or in the stomach, intestines and colon.  Inhaled allergens generally produce symptoms that affect the mucus membranes and respiratory system.  There are several testing methods to determine allergies and sensitivities, including:

  • Blood tests - using an enzyme binding process to detect antibody levels
  • Skin tests – puncturing the skin with small needles containing very small amounts of allergens
  • Challenge testing – the practitioner may place food extracts under your tongue or inject them
  • Elimination diet – removing specific foods from your diet that you suspect you may be allergic to

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may benefit from allergy testing: itchy or runny eyes, itchy or runny nose, itchy throat, wheezing, chest congestion, rashes, itchy skin, diarrhea, cramping, bloating or hives.

For allergy and sensitivity testing, naturopathic physicians are trained to test, identify and treat your symptoms.

Specific Techniques


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