Acutonics Vibrational Sound Therapy

Acutonics vibrational sound therapy is an energy-based therapy that uses harmonic medicine to affect healing through sound and vibration.  This is a non-invasive therapy that uses precisely calibrated tuning forks which represent natural harmonic series.  These series are based on the orbital properties of the earth, sun, moon and planets. They are applied directly to acupressure points, trigger points, chakras and painful areas to access and open the energy patterns in the body.

The belief in sound as vibration, or the link between spirit and life force is found throughout history.  In the 1st century, Pythagoras believed that sound was the generator of the universe. In the 20th century, Swiss mathematician and music theorist Hans Cousto, transposed the orbital velocities of the planets to musical frequency. All living beings on Earth are tuned to the movement of the planets. Although we cannot consciously hear the resonating sound waves created by the planets, we are immersed in their vibrations.  Our unconscious mind knows these tones and their sound waves affect our health and behavior.

Modern-day Acutonics was developed by Donna Carey in Llano, New Mexico. Carey is an acupuncturist and herabalist who experimented with various sound-healing tools before concluding that custom-calibrated tuning forks were the most versatile and transformational tools for this therapy. In the therapeutic environment, Tibetan bowls, drums rattles and planetary gongs may also be used.

Acutonics is incorporated into many western therapies. It combines the basic principles of oriental medicine and energy medicine to provide an adjunct therapy that is easily integrated into massage and bodywork, nursing, physical therapy, psychological and other health care disciplines.

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