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 Rae Bilash , Certified Trager Bodywork Practitioner

Rae Bilash

Certified Trager Bodywork Practitioner

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Rae Bilash is a Certified Trager Bodywork Practitioner who offers Craniosacral Therapy, Counselling, Hakomi, Hot Stone Massage and Trager® in Saanich, British Columbia.

Each experience we have in life - physical and mental pleasure & pain, life events, trauma, accidents and emotional responses are stored in our cellular memory. Over time, these experiences can begin to show up as limiting physical and / or mental patterns which cause pain and / or hold us back from living in optimum function of body, mind, spirit. We can release these long-term, deep-seated physical and mental restrictive patterns, while restoring balance and harmony in our life. We can "re-educate" our neuromuscular system to restore movement and flexibility, increased well-being, greater relaxation, less anxiety, more clarity of mind and a sense of "wholeness", where we can more fully embrace the present moment. MODALITIES TRAGER BODYWORK - an innovative bodywork using gentle movement to release pain and tension & improve muscular functional ability. Move more freely in a relaxed body, while opening restrictions in vascular, lymphatic & respiratory systems. CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY - using light touch to test for restrictions in the cerebral/spinal system and to assist the hydraulic forces inherent in it to self-correct & strengthen your body's natural ability to heal itself. THE HAKOMI METHOD OF MINDFULNESS-BASED COUNSELLING: a blend of Buddhist & Taoist principles with western psychotherapeutic techniques- help make change at the core - those deeply held memories, images, beliefs & attitudes that do not support our well-being. HOT STONE MASSAGE - Using penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks to glide across your muscles & meridian lines, softening tight muscles & melting tension. Hot Stone with RAINDROP THERAPY - add essential oils which work to increase detoxification and deep relaxation. Some of these modalities can be combined.

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