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 Kimberly Leslie EHP, PSYCH-K(R), Energy Healer

Kimberly Leslie


Energy Healer

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Kimberly Leslie is a Energy Healer who offers Energy Medicine, Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mindfulness Training, Holoenergetics, Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and PSYCH-(K)® in Vic West, British Columbia.

I am passionate about being with people, healing, health and experiencing a loving, fulfilling life. From a very early age, I somehow understood that there is more happening in life than what can be physically "seen." I consciously began seeking an understanding of energy and how it "worked" about ten years ago, at a time when my own physical health and emotional balance were extremely compromised. At that time, I began regularly practicing yoga as well as a Buddhist chanting meditation. I was amazed at how powerful these practices were, and how quickly they began to heal my physical body as well as my inner state. That is when I began to experience "energy" and the profound connection between my body, mind and spirit. At a certain point, I began to feel called to help others in a deeper, more meaningful way and enrolled in the Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner Program at Langara College in Vancouver BC. Over the next five years of this program, I began to understand what I had been feeling in those earlier experiences of yoga and meditation. I gathered many tools, methods and practices in those years, but the most important thing I gained was my own healing. I've discovered that the clearer I become, the more I am able to facilitate healing for others. Presently my life is a balance of connecting with myself through meditation, 5 Rhythms dance ( a form of moving meditation, ) expressing my creativity, and spending time with my beloved partner, friends and family. I continue to maintain a practice of yoga and chanting, and of course, assisting others with their growth and healing. I am continuously studying various forms of vibrational healing, always bringing more tools to my practice to assist my clients with their wellness, health and personal evolution.

Vic West
614 Seaforth St.
Victoria, BC V9A 3R7
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