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 Jan Hoover RMT, Registered Massage Therapy

Jan Hoover


Registered Massage Therapy

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Jan Hoover is a Registered Massage Therapy who offers Massage, Muscle Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Detox, Body Wrap, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Kinesio Taping, Connective Tissue Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage and Chronic Pain Management in Sidney, British Columbia.

Tsehum Harbour Massage & Hydrotherapy Ltd. has been providing quality healthcare to Saanich Peninsula communities for 20 years. We have an excellent, knowledgeable and skilled team of six Registered Massage Therapists, who in total comprise 89 years of hands on therapy experience!

1 - 2235 Harbour Rd.
Victoria, BC V8L 2P7
Availability of Jan Hoover at this location:

Mondays 9:00am - 7:30pm

Tuesdays 8:00am - 7:30pm

Wednesdays 8:00am - 8:00pm

Thursday 8:00am - 7:30pm

Fridays 8:00am - 4:00pm

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