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 Amy Nold Associate of Music, Music Ministry & Music Therapist

Amy Nold

Associate of Music

Music Ministry & Music Therapist

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Amy Nold is a Music Therapist who offers Music Therapy, Music Ministry, Creative Activity and Play Therapy in Victoria (Downtown), British Columbia.

I received thorough traditional training as a pianist in my formative years. In early adulthood I received training in bringing the creative and emotionally expressive elements into music performance. I had a performance career for many years, and then the wind changed... When my mother was in her dying process, I channeled Grace through spontaneous song, to sing her out of her life and into her death. She died with a huge smile on her face, as she always wanted that I would be a musical composer. Ever since then, I realized my music is a gift given to me to be of service. I work as a Minister of Music, both within a church setting, and outside of it as well, in group setting where ritual or ceremonial music is required, often composed specifically for the event, or borrowed from another and interpreted. I also serve as a Music Therapist in dementia care homes. It has been proven that familiar music can help the retrieval of capacities that otherwise are lost, such as not only remembering the words and melodies to songs, but corresponding memories and a sense of recaptured aliveness. it is so gratifying to see elderly people who have lost almost everything shine with light, love, and laughter while singing songs from ages past. It is heart warming and therapy of a high order.

Victoria (Downtown)
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Victoria, BC
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