Onsen™ Therapy

OnsenTM  refers to a hands-on therapy which encompasses several techniques each of which has been used by osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists.  The objective of OnsenTM is structural and functional correction, pain relief and optimizing health.

OnsenTM therapy was developed by massage therapist Rich Phaigh.  In his many years of massage work he found that often the techniques he was using did not fully release the soft tissues he was working on with clients.  After studying various approaches he came to understand the importance of body structure and structural stress.  In his words “When structural stress is the source of pain, the ONLY way to alleviate the pain is to correct the structure.” 

OnsenTM encompasses 3 techniques:  muscle energy technique (MET), post isometric relaxation and transverse friction massage.  These are common techniques being used by massage therapists and physiotherapists.  MET involves the contracting the muscle in one direction against a fixed resistance then gently stretching it again in the opposite direction.   Post Isometric relaxation is used to deal with severe tension in soft tissue complaints.  The muscle is lengthened to its maximum without stretching then resisted with minimal force, then relaxed.  Transverse friction massage is deep massage movement done in a transverse direction to the specific issue being treated.  OnsenTM builds on these techniques to address spinal alignment and bring about long term stress relief and pain reduction.

A typical session will usually be about 1 hour and involve an initial assessment and consultation about personal health history and specific body complaints to be addressed.   

Specific Techniques