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You’re probably visiting HealthCare Victoria because you are interested in living a healthy and active lifestyle and need help finding a healthcare practitioner.

HealthCare Victoria gives you access to a talented group of natural healthcare providers with the specialized skills to service and promote your recovery from injury or illness to maintain optimum health.

  • We are over 1500 healthcare providers representing 100’s of modalities
  • We are here to help people who are injured
  • Need help finding a natural healthcare practitioner? Search by name, clinic or therapy and location to find help
  • Wondering about natural healthcare therapies? Click on a therapy to read all about it and access practitioners who provide it
  • Still need help? No problem, call or email HealthCare Victoria for a real person to assist you
  • Need a legal opinion? We provide that too with a lawyer who helps patients recover by prioritizing your recovery over monetary compensation

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